Best of 12!

Have you ever really thought about your favorite month? There are so many admirable qualities about each of them. So many months with a holiday that defines them in a unique way. Some have special celebrations, special weather, historical events that mark them as unique. How does one decide what makes their favorite month their favorite?

January…out with the old and in with the new. February…love is in the air. March…green is your favorite color. April…Happy Easter. May…flowers…assuming April showers. June…summer and a great month to be born. July…who doesn’t love a great fireworks display? August…surely it has something to brag about besides the heat? September…new beginnings. October…CANDY! November…turkey and dressing and an atmosphere of thanks. December…Ho, Ho, Ho and a baby in a manger.

Did that say new beginnings in September? Surely that was January’s claim to fame? Maybe so, if you need a new calendar. Maybe so if you are into new year’s resolutions. But when I think of new beginnings I can’t help but think of September.

The first full month of a new school year. The first game on the new league. New clothes and shoes and a fresh start for the report cards. New teachers, new friends, new activities. All of those make September plenty fun, but are they enough to make it the favorite out of 12? Not for me, but, there is a new beginning in September that holds a very special place for me. It is the day I met that handsome fella of mine. September 2, 1995. That is the day he rode up on his horse (red pickup), dressed in his white starched shirt and wranglers and smiled at me thru that substantial mustache. That is a new beginning I will never forget. That day marked out with the old and in with the new like no other New Years Eve celebration ever could. That day makes September the best of 12 for me!


One thought on “Best of 12!

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVE it!! 🙂

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