Oh Deer!!

I took Emily to middle school orientation today. There were some things I liked and some things that gave me pause. I think I will keep the things that caused me pause close until I see how they play out. Reserving judgement of policies that educators have likely spent many hours discussing is probably best for a non-professional. Besides, I will need something to blog about at another point in the future.

I will start by saying I am very excited for this new chapter in Emily’s life to begin. I think she is going to do great! I think she is going to have a blast! I think the new freedom and responsibility that will surely be a part of her experience is going to be great for her. I can’t wait to see her shine!!

I just hope she did not notice the look in my eyes. You know, the same one a deer in the headlights has. I know there will be days she will need help to face the new challenges. She will need me to give her a little push to get thru the unknown. She will need encouragement to fight uncertainty and even disappointment on certain days. She will need me to encourage her to try a little harder. She will need to know I am her biggest fan. She will need to know I believe in her when she doesn’t believe in herself. Those days will be part of this great adventure she is on. I hope as she is walking this road towards independence and looks back for guidance, she doesn’t see the deer in the headlights.



4 thoughts on “Oh Deer!!

  1. Make sure to tell me what gives you pause. Mayne I can assist with the educators that spent many hours . . . Or, I might totally agree with you!! 😉

  2. Laurie Wade says:

    Thanks Lisa! Jenn – I will be glad to fill you in offline. No need to spoil a good blog topic down the road. 🙂

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