As part of a blogging challenge, we are writing off of prompts this week. I will likely be posting two blogs each day so that I can play along with the prompts and continue with some of my own pondering.

Today’s prompt is to write about a product that has been discontinued that we wish we could still buy. My first thought was that I am way too young to be able to think of anything that would have been discontinued. Uh, well, we will just move on.

I honestly could not think of a single product I would bring back. Not hard since I could not think of a single product I know of that has been discontinued. Maybe there is a good reason the products that have been discontinued over the past 40 something years are gone. They weren’t memorable enough to take up space.

I did, however, think of an entire establishment that is completely gone that I would love to bring back. I’m sure noone will be surprised to hear that it was a fast food place. I think it was fast food. I don’t actually even remember the name of it. I’m not even sure what type of food they served. In fact, I don’t even know if it was in my town or a grandparents town. Hmmm, I may be proving the point about my age referenced earlier. :/ Or, maybe it is a recurring dream and never really existed. I’ll have to google it in a bit and see if anyone else remembers such a place.

So, why do I miss this place that I can tell you very little about? Why would I care so much about a fast food place that didn’t have a memorable name or memorable food? Why do I care about this place that may be the root to my love for fast food? It was their delivery! To place an order, you would drive up next to a train track, fill out your order and send it on it’s way back down the track. Then when the food was ready, it would be sent back down the track on the train car. No doubt I was a little girl when we would go there. I don’t know how many times we went there. I just know MANY years later the experience is frozen in my memory.

Yes, this memory causes me to ponder other experiences that stick out to me. I wonder how much of the detail I forget because I get focused on the delivery? This place had a memorable delivery, but nothing of substance to keep it going.


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