My Crate is Shrinking!!



I discovered a new technique in crate training a puppy this morning. I haven’t seen it talked about in any of the puppy training articles I have read, so I thought I’d pass it on here.

I opted for sleep this morning instead of my nice quiet time outside during the wee hours of the morning. Yes, the puppy still woke me up at 4:00am to go out. I obliged, but then stuck her back in her crate. She proceeded to complain, so I stuck her in Goldie’s smaller crate in the farthest corner of the house with the opening facing the farthest from my fluffy pillow. She protested a little longer then fell back to sleep until I was ready to wake up at 7:00am.

I’ve decided the key is the shrinking crate. Hershey is very smart. No doubt she realized if she continued on the path she was on she would find herself in an even smaller crate in some far corner of the neighborhood.

I’ve been called to a season of rest recently. In response to that I’ve tried to slow down and take some things off my plate so there is time for rest. I’ve tried to be purposeful in shrinking my committment levels. Not easy in this season of life. Like Hershey, I protest when I’m told to rest, but it is good for me. It brings peace. It is likely preparing me for another season that will require that I rested in this one. Perhaps it is just freeing me to spend my time differently in the season my family is in. Either way, I protest slowing down, but not too much. A few whimpers out of me and then I settle into fewer things to think about. Fewer things to distract me from the rest I need and the other committments I still have. I think for now I will enjoy my smaller crate.



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