Worms and Puppies


Let me introduce you to Hershey. She is our 3 month old chocolate lab, the newest addition to the Wade family. No, she does not have worms as the title might imply. She has taught me a bit about how the early bird gets the worm. Well, she doesn’t actually get worms early in the morning. She would rather be chomping on a tasty locust during the wee hours of the morning, but that is not my point.

Hershey is a bit of an early bird. She likes to get up way before the rooster even thinks about crowing. I’m pretty sure the rooster would be highly annoyed by her if we had one. I have to say 3:30am and 4:00am are a bit early for a night owl like me. I’ve been slowly adjusting my night time hours to accommodate. Although, not as often as I need to be.

I’ve been trying hard not to get too annoyed with her. She is awefully cute! She is also very calm and quiet as she eats her morning prey and chews on the assortment of sticks she has collected over her weeks with us. There must be a stick fairy that drops sticks into the yards of Labs.

The truth is, I am enjoying the quiet time with her. The guilt free time to just sit out in the backyard and be. The early morning breeze, the cooler temperature, the time to read and think and pray and do a little blogging.

This morning I got to enjoy a stray rain drop. There really were about 5 or 6 that fell out of a tiny stray cloud. I doubt the weatherman even knew about it, but I did! It wasn’t enough to help the parched ground or break the drought, but it was a nice reminder that there is still hope for something wet to fall out of the sky.

This morning the early bird got the raindrop and loved every split second of it! 🙂


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