I’ve been doing a bit of reading and pondering about honor for a while now. I don’t know if it’s just a hot topic in the circles I’ve been following, or if it’s something God is trying to get into my mind and heart. I suspect it’s the latter. He seems to be persistent when He has something He really wants me to get and since I wasn’t in search of the latest thoughts I heard on honor, I did perk up a bit.

I’ve never heard of a guy named Steve Backlund. I haven’t found anyone who has even among peeps I know that very well could have, but it was suggested that I read a book of his. The person suggesting the book thought she might have access to a copy and was going to just give it to me. No such luck. Then, when I went to purchase the book, the website was not working correctly. Hmmm, maybe I wasn’t supposed to read this book. I mulled over that for a bit, then decided to put it on the back burner.

The next day, I thought about the book again and now the website was fixed. I was still not sure if I would get this book or not. I do have a long list of potential books. This one should really take its proper place in line. Although, I had been in a posture of seeking God when this book was suggested.

So, I decided to do a bit of research. Maybe I’d see if there were any podcasts by this author. I’d see if I could find out what he was about. I’d see if anything he said resonated with me before I spent the money and time on another book. Like I said, I have a long list of potential reading material. Did I mention I started the list because the space beside my bed which holds my stack of books is overflowing and can’t hold anymore right now?

That is when I “happened upon” this little pearl about honor. There were, in fact, free podcasts by this man and his wife which were similar in message to the book that was suggested. This particular podcast was about a different subject though. It was about hearing God. Another subject I’ve been pondering a bit lately. So, I decided to start with it. Wrapped up in there was this little gem about honor.

Wendy, Steve’s wife shared a bit about mining for gold and how the focus was not on all the dirt surrounding the gold. It was on finding even a small bit of gold amongst the dirt She talked about how we often miss the gold in people because we are so focused on their dirt. She talked about the difference it would make in our relationships, our influence and in people’s lives if they were seen for their gold and not their dirt.

It made me think about that verse about getting the plank out of my own eye before I help someone else with the speck in theirs. I wonder if we started looking for a little more gold if some of that other stuff might not wash right out of our eyes and theirs.

I think I will be buying that book. I think I am supposed to, but I also think this little detour was planned too. Their were a lot of little gems in that one message that I “just happened” upon.


One thought on “Gold

  1. Sheri says:

    Ever wonder how many tiny specs of gold go overlooked in that gold? I think even the dirt can have small bits of gold in it if we choose to look for it.

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