Today begins a week long challenge to blog daily. I’m very excited about this challenge, but not for the reason you might think. I don’t have much on my mind that is shareable at the moment, so it’s not because I have a lot to say.

I’m excited because it means there will be daily blogs to read from the other peeps in the challenge. Like I’ve said before, I like pondering in community. Blogging in community will likely spark some community pondering. At the very least it will provide the opportunity to get to know my peeps a little better. And since there are peeps in the challenge I don’t know, I might even get to know someone new even if just over the cyber waves.

Say what you want about the evils of the Internet, I’ve found it to be a pretty good place to develop friendships that might not have been possible any other way. I love getting to know peeps new and old. I love the way they all add something of substance to my life. I’m looking forward to seeing what I will learn about some new and old peeps during this week of blogging.

Right now I’m gonna go see what’s going on in the Wade house and surrounding area you might need to know about.


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