Pondering by the Tree

Counting my blessings
Some are covered in paper
Shiny bows on top

Full of surprises
Treasures bought with cold hard cash
Carefully chosen

Looking around me
Seeing blessings cash can’t buy
Priceless Precious Hearts

Some are family
Some are friends both old and new
Each one here by God

Thank you for the gifts
Thank you for my family
And my treasured friends

Say Merry Christmas!


Somehow we didn’t get a picture of the four of us this year at the Wade Christmas family gathering, but I sure do love this one of me and my handsome fella! Well, except for the clashing plaids and stripes. Maybe next year we will all get in the picture and coordinate our outfits a little better. :))

Your Own Skin

Are you adaptable? Are you able to make adjustments so that you fit in with those around you? When is the last time you found yourself in a situation that required you to adjust?

What if you didn’t have to adjust? What if someone told you that you could do anything you wanted and be anyone you wanted to be? What if there were no rules other than bringing YOU to the table? Would you know who to be? Would you be comfortable in your own skin without anyone telling you how to act?

What if you had been taught to follow a certain set of rules all your life and woke up one day to find out you didn’t know who you were apart from those rules? What if those rules had nothing to do with who you really were? What if those rules had nothing to do with who you were created to be? What if you found out the rules had been abolished?

Would you breath a sigh of relief? Would you start scrambling for a new set of rules? Would you know who you are? Would you be comfortable in your own skin?

What? You need some time to ponder these questions? Yeah, me too!