Becoming Friends

Would you be willing to place your son or daughter on an altar for God? Would you send your youngest son off to fight a giant everyone else was terrified of? Would you put your baby in a river and let it be swept away? Would you send you daughter to talk to a king that just might kill her for approaching him without his invitation? Would you give your son away to be raised by someone else when you had waited so long on God to give him to you? Would you trust God that much with something so precious to you?

These are questions I have as I am beginning a new book, Finding God in the Bible by Darren Wilson. These are questions I have as I struggle to let go and allow my own kids to make decisions and choices of their own. These are questions I face as I learn to trust God with my heart where my children are concerned.

Last weekend I attended a conference called Oneness with God and since then I’ve asked Him to show me what friendship with Him really looks like in a personal way. I’ve asked Him to begin to bring the stories in His word to life for me so that I understand them in 3D and not just flannel board. I’ve heard the stories of the Bible my whole life. I’d be willing to guess that although I might not know all the details, I would recognize almost any story you could share with me from the Bible. I would at least have a surface knowledge of it. The problem is I’m not content with that anymore. I want to know why these stories matter. I want to know why they are in there. I want to know what He wants me to know about them. I want to know what He wants me to know about Him thru them. And more than “know”, I want to “feel”. There are stories that I am sure should stir a response in my heart and somehow they don’t. I want that to change. I want to be stirred up by Him. I want my life to have been changed when I read His word. I don’t want the words to stay on the page anymore.

I took the girls to Six Flags this week and wanted to take a book with me. I knew I wouldn’t be riding the rides and I was content to park myself on a bench and get lost in people watching and a good book. I had one that I’d been reading and searched all over the house for it. I could not find the thing anywhere…still haven’t found it. I had given my husband Finding God for Christmas and he loved it. I saw it while I was searching for the other one and decided to grab it and stick it in my purse. I had forgotten what it was about.

So, I opened it up and began reading…

Chapter 1 – The God of the Bible: My BFF

What is this book about that I have had in my house since December? What is this book about that I “decide” to pick up after asking God to show me what friendship with Him looks like?

“What crazy prophets, fickle followers and dangerous outlaws reveal about friendship with God.”

LOL! I wonder why I wasn’t able to find my other book. I wonder why that is the second time I have “lost” that book since I began reading it.

And then He hits me with the story of Abraham and Isaac and the trust level that Abraham had for God where his son was concerned. The trust He had for God with his promises. The mutual trust between Abraham and God. The trust that was built thru relationship…thru friendship.

I couldn’t help but think of the post I wrote a few days ago about my kids and Psalm 139. I couldn’t help but think of other sons and daughters in the bible whose parents trusted God with their lives. I couldn’t help but think of how our lives would be so different today if they hadn’t trusted Him with their kids.

What will my kids do in their lives for God? What are His plans for them? How will they shape the bits of history that they are a part of? What ripple effect will their lives have? Will I trust Him with them and allow them to move into their destiny or will I get in the way? Will I allow Him to be my friend AND theirs?

How many years ago?

The other day I mentioned things that just don’t last like they used to. Today I realize I am just not the me I used to be.

I spent the day at Six Flags. I rode one ride the whole day. I sat parked on a bench reading a book, chatting with a kid or people watching the rest of the day. My girls felt sorry for me when they realized I had only ridden one ride. I did not feel sorry for me!!! I had a great day!! Back in the day, I would have closed the park down and been on all the rides. I was completely content to sit out and let the younger crowd enjoy the rides. Would I sound selfless if I said I was just trying to keep the lines down for all the little kids?. :)

This evening the parents played a scrimmage game against the 12U Rage team. We ended in a tie, but I am told that we got one extra bat. I cannot verify nor deny that claim. I was too tired by the end of the 2nd inning to know. I did make an excellent catch, yeah me! I did not contribute to the score while up to bat. I told you Gracie’s bat was dead, what do you expect?

I think I’m going to go wash the bench dust off and get back to my book. I think reading is a better speed for me tonight if I can keep my eyes open past the first paragraph.


Painting with God


My girls painted these tonight. They were not instructed what to paint. They weren’t given a picture to look at. They were simply given paint and instructed to ask God for their picture. They were told to sit quietly and see what He would place on their hearts to paint. They had a blank canvas, paint and their hands. :) They weren’t even standing near each other. They never saw each other’s painting until they were finished.

What is amazing to me is that these paintings represent each one of them and their uniqueness in remarkable ways. They speak identity to each one of them. They represent a part of their destiny.

Look out world! These two are here to make a difference! :)