I wonder

Tonight I’m sitting on my couch writing on this little screen. They say it’s a smart phone but sometimes I wonder.

I wonder if auto-correct was named after some guy named Otto who just couldn’t spell his own name. That would explain a few things about the auto correct feature on this smart phone.

I wonder why the passing of time seems so fast one day and so slow the next when the sound of the clock ticking is so steady.

I wonder if anyone will be up to read this post so I can reach my personal daily blog hits goal for the week.

I wonder why softballs are yellow and volleyballs are white.

I wonder who decided there needed to be so much switching of positions on the volleyball court.

I wonder why some chapters in life are so hard to move on from and some are a breeze.

I wonder what that shift you can feel in the spiritual realm would look like if you could see it.

I wonder why Hershey won’t go outside without Goldie but then attacks her at the door.

I wonder why I am silent when I want to speak and speak when I want to remain silent.

I wonder how those rats keep getting in the attic.

I wonder if Adam and Eve wondered before the fall.

I wonder why I’m not already in bed asleep.