Never Alone

You are not alone
Stop listening to the lie
Others struggle too

No one gets a pass
There will be days full of pain
Spinning on the earth

You can run and hide
You can pretend all you want
Doesn’t make it true

Hiding from the hope
Hiding from the helping hand
Hiding from the love

Walk toward the Light
There is comfort bright and warm
Soothing to the heart

Open up your world
Let another human in
They are walking too

We need each other
The testimonies heal us
Open up your heart

Questions in the Garden

She grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the garden. She’d been watching the progress of her plants for years and hoped to see some progress this morning. She walked past several other gardens with flowering plants and ripened fruit ready for the harvest. She hoped she would see the same as she turned the corner where her garden would come into view.

Once again…she was disappointed.

The garden was green with signs of life, but the blooms remained closed on the flowering plants. The fruit bearing plants remained fruitless. She had watered and fertilized and cared for her plants. She knew she wasn’t the most skilled gardener on the block, but she had done all she knew to do. She wondered if perhaps the problem was in the seeds she had been given. She wondered if the problem might be in the soil. She wondered if the problem might be her.

She decided to go and talk to the man who had given her this space for the garden and the seeds. Maybe he would know what to do. Maybe he would know why her garden wasn’t growing like she had hoped.

Maybe he would be able to help….


I may have to default to the blog challenge rules tonight and give you three sentences. I started to tell you what everyone is doing at the moment in my house but that seemed awfully boring since it’s just homework and arm chair quarterbacking. I would completely skip this post but I’m determined to actually post 7 days this week! I’m really glad the posts can only get better from here…well hopefully! :)